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This fun introduction to sailing on Saturday Afternoon 1.30 pm to 3.30pm is aimed at children aged 7-12 years old. The structured course takes 1Hr with the following hour available for FREE SAILING with an introduction to more advanced techniques contained in Tackers 1,2,3 and Green Fleet racing. The Tackers course teaches the child simple sailing manoeuvres through on water games in a safe environment. Essential safety skills are taught by Australian Sailing Qualified Instructors. The course cost does not includes a "Tackers" pack due to its minimal cost however polos will be available for purchase once we know your child's size. NO PROMOTIONS ARE AVAILABLE. Course outcome is 4 Hrs of structured classes plus 4 hours of additional Coaching at higher levels to encourage your Child's progress. This may include sailing Solo, Race practice, and Assistant Tackers Instructor. Minimum of (6) Student Registrations is required. (Class size 6-20 Students - Sportshouse Lake Training area) Cost per 2Hr session is $19.00 Total cost for this 4 week course is $76.00

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