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Club information The International Canoe is a boat, which represents a long and complex evolution from paddle canoe to high performance racing dinghy. As it exists today, the IC is a one-man craft, of 5.18m in length, 1.01m wide, 63kg stripped hull weight and powered by 10 square meters of sail (+22mē with asymmetric spinnaker). It is characterized by its novel means of creating righting moment, the sliding seat. By no means unique, and certainly not new, the sliding seat is a beam that slides athwartships on a track, enabling the sailor to hike out far to windward. The result is a long, skinny boat, very light for its length and sail area, which goes very fast!
Other information The IC has a long and proud history and traces its lineage, like the America's Cup, from the later 19th century and until recently was the fastest single-handed monohull on the water. The class has an active Australian and International sailing programme, with plenty of support offered to new and current members. With Australia hosting the IC World Titles in 2008 at McCrae Yacht Club (Victoria), now is a great time to get into this rewarding and challenging class.