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Tackers is a mass participation program aimed at introducing children aged 7 to12 to sailing in a fun, safe, accessible and affordable way. The program offers children the opportunity to start on a pathway to ongoing involvement in clubs through gradually progressing over several seasons. It is a key participation program for Yachting Australia to ensure clubs are able to grow through engagement of children and their families. This target sector is important because developing children’s interest in any sport early increases the likelihood that they will continue to participate. In addition providing a program for primary school aged children also encourages their family to become involved.  
The Tackers program focuses on non-competitive learning through games in a supportive environment with structured sessions plans and levels of achievements. Tackers can only be delivered at accredited Discover Sailing Centres that are endorsed Tackers Clubs. All programs are run by qualified instructors who are provided with additional training to be able to deliver Tackers. The State Association has a key role with all participating States having a State Tackers Leader who is responsible for supporting and developing clubs in their State.
The investment made in the development of Tackers is reflected in the high quality of resources available to Tackers Clubs and the suitability of the content and structure of the course for introducing large volumes of children to sailing.
Sequential progression in Tackers ensures children build confidence and interest in continuing to be involved in sailing. There are three pathway levels, based on the core syllabus of the Dinghy Program with significant adaptation to better suit children’s learning styles. Each level of the program has a Tackers Instructor Manual that outlines the session plans, tips for teaching kids to sail, games, and information about progressing children through the pathway.
  • Tackers 1 – Having Fun 
  • Tackers 2 – Tricks & Techniques
  • Tackers 3 – Sailing Fast!
The branding and presentation of Tackers is important. A range of resources including banners, flyers, brochures, posters, kids activity sheets, certificate sheets etc. have been designed specifically for the program. Access to this material reduces reliance on volunteer time and gives clubs all the course material they need to make the program a success.
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