This page is for Club Officials and members . Click here if you are new to sailing to find out more about the Discover Sailing Experiences.

Discover Sailing Experiences are new three hour sailing experiences at accredited Discover Sailing Centres, without the technical detail of a course, for families, friends, or work colleagues. Having the chance to use the club’s social facilities is as much a part of the experience as is getting out on the water. The aim of a Discover Sailing Experience is to encourage participants to want to do more sailing at the club and possibly register for a Discover Sailing Course.    

The Experience can be delivered on either keelboats or suitable dinghies with Yachting Australia qualified Instructors. The ideal Instructor for the Discover Sailing Experience is an effective communicator, can breakdown the terminology of sailing effectively, and understands how best to convey the benefits of clubs to people new to the sport.

Participants pay between $50-150 per person for the experience which may include some level of hospitality in the club house after sailing. Clubs are expected to provide suitable boats and PFDs for the Discover Sailing Experience.

Clubs offering the Discover Sailing Experience must be accredited to run the Start Sailing Courses. Accreditation as a Discover Sailing Centre ensures they are using appropriate boats, have the right safety and risk management procedures, use only qualified Instructors and follow the Yachting Australia Standards for Discover Sailing Centres. 

Discover Sailing Experiences are also available from many accredited Commercial Discover Sailing Centres that either operate at or are near sailing clubs. The Discover Sailing Experience is open to people of all-abilities. 

The fee for the Experience varies between clubs and centres depending on the number of people, the boat used and the level of hospitality provided, but a suggested fee of at least $50 per person per Experience is expected. There is no limit as to how many Experiences participants can take part in.

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