This page is for Club Officials and members . Click here if you are new to sailing to find out more about the Discover Sailing Days. 

Discover Sailing Days

Discover Sailing Days provide the opportunity for clubs to open up to their local communities and show them the various ways in which they can participate in sailing in a fun, safe, accessible and affordable way. People of all ages and abilities are welcome to attend Discover Sailing Days (minimum age for children participating with a parent/guardian is 5 years old). 

Clubs are encouraged to promote Discover Sailing Days as a chance for people who might be interested in sailing to visit the club, go out for a sail with an experienced sailor, enjoy the club’s social environment, and find out what they can do if they would like to get more involved.  

To make Discover Sailing Days a success clubs need to provide volunteers, boats, PFDs, and access to the social facilities. Each club needs to appoint a Discover Sailing Host (or Hosts) who does the necessary preparation for the day, is available on the day to show people around the club and explain the activities happening, and then to follow up with participants to find out what steps they’d like to take. 

For more information about managing a Discover Sailing Day click here. To view a video about how to run a successful Discover Sailing Day click here

Click here for a Discover Sailing Day Template Registration Form.  

For more details on the role of the Discover Sailing Host click here. 

Australia-wide Discover Sailing Day  

There is an annual Australia-wide Discover Sailing Day which all affiliated sailing clubs across Australia are encouraged to participate in. Clubs may provide the option for people to pre-book, either for large groups or simply for themselves. Having one national day per year is a way that clubs can collectively promote the Discover Sailing brand.  

The 2013 Australia-wide Discover Sailing Day recently took place on Sunday, 27th October with over 80 clubs participating in the first Australia-wide Discover Sailing Day. Over 1000 people had pre-registered to attend the Discover Sailing Day at their local sailing Club via, with predominantly family groups attending, which are a particular target of the Discover Sailing Program. Click here to read about the successful Day.

The 2014 Australia-wide Discover Sailing Day will take place on Sunday October 26. 

Click here for details and  feedback from Clubs who participated in the first Australia-wide Discover Sailing Day in 2012. 

For more information about the Australia-wide Discover Sailing Day contact your State Association.